Wiggins says Cycling should move on

Reigning Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins admits that the quicker the sport moves on from the doping scandal that has engulfed it, the better it is for its health as well as for its development in the future. And the Englishman also admits that he has no sympathies for Lance Armstrong as the whistleblower cyclists, rather his fellow conspirators have come out and pointed out how he was the ring leader in a massive doping program that not only made them dope, but also tainted the sport as a whole and ruined its overall credibility.

Wiggins also pointed out how peer pressure played a huge part in cyclists doping, and mentioned that he, too, would have become a victim of doping had he not been with the British Cycling team. Wiggins mentioned how the likes of Michael Barry, a team mate of Armstrong at US Postal was forced to dope after a year of joining the team when the other riders of the team were doing considerably better than him because they were on dope and he, as a result, was forced to try it.

Wiggins mentions this peer pressure as an important aspect in doping and added that it was not because of having lance Armstrong as a team mate. The Englishman also mentions how the sport was popularized by Armstrong and his seven consecutive conquests of the Tour de France but it is he himself who has taken most of the credibility away from the sport.

Wiggins also expressed his shock at the scale of evidence that have been stacked against Armstrong. Although the cancer survivor still denies his part in the doping scandal, Wiggins believes that the evidence that has been gathered against him is pretty damning and it would be extremely difficult for him to prove his innocence.