Drug Cheat mustn’t affect Bradley Wiggins

Bradley Wiggins, the first Eccleston based British winner to bag the trophy of Tour de France in 2012 is persistent on a clean win in the legendary cycling championship. The leading Briton cyclist claims staunch disgust against using drugs to win on the championships and even expressed to punch off Christian Moreni of his Cofidis team when Moreni was found responsible for his team’s expulsion in Tour de France 2007. However, Lance Armstrong’s confession to Oprah Winfrey on his drug cheat as an explanation for the necessary artificial help to win on his legendary 7 wins in the Tour de France has led to questions on Wiggin’s win last year & there were suspicions and fears inside the British Cycling camp that whether Wiggins & other eminent national riders would get tainted by the infamous fall-out from Lance Armstrong’s confessions.

Wiggins nullifies all claims regarding taking to drugs as the essential artificial help for winning on the coveted yellow jersey at Tour de France and even expressed stern disregard in “Pursuit of Glory” (Wiggins’ autobiography) when he discovered Landis, the famous compatriot of Lance Armstrong  & Tour Champion of 2006, was found positive for the performance improving drugs. He declared them (the riders taking to performance improving drugs) as “cheaters” and wished for their life long ban. He further stressed that he won’t shift away from his own ways and ethical values.

In fact, last year only, Wiggins emphasized on an interview that he is strongly against opting for the performance improving drugs because according to him drug cheat would make him lose out on his hard earned reputation and respect in the society. In his own words “In case I dope I would potentially lose out on everything I have accomplished be it my reputation or my livelihood or my marriage or my family or my house or the Olympic medals or world title or CBE”. Team Sky, figure headed by Wiggins issued no tolerance statement regarding drug taking last autumn.