Wiggins Suspected Lance During 2009 Tour

Bradley Wiggins says that during the 2009 Tour de France cycling championship, Lance Armstrong was doped and he was convinced about that. During that year, Lance Armstrong was making a comeback into the cycling world.

Recently confessed Lance said that he was doped during the Tour de France championship wins from 1999 to 2005. Moreover he added that he was not doped during the comeback year of 2009.

In the year 2009, Wiggins came fourth in the Tour de France championship. Wiggins said that he suspected Lance of doping during the mountain stages of the race.

Recently in Mallorca, during a training camp for Team Sky, Wiggins was speaking about Lance. He said that he remembers Lance Armstrong going along neck to neck during the racing stage of Mount Ventoux. He added that while watching videos of the race, Lance was not the same cycle rider. Moreover he doesn’t want to believe anything that Lance Armstrong speaks about.

During the televised event of Lance confessing about doping with Oprah Winfrey, Wiggins saw the entire conversation along with his son. His son is seven years old.

After watching the confession by Lance Armstrong, Wiggins said that he went through tough emotional situations, some of them made him sad and even some made him angry. Ultimately he said that he was happy and satisfied about the confession.

Wiggins explained to his son that he won the same race that Lance won during those years. He added that during the interview and at the end of the confession, he felt happy and had one of the greatest feelings. Wiggins quoted that Lance was speaking about his own son of 13 years, asking about what has happened and what is happening. Bradley Wiggins completed by saying that he will explain to his son, that he won the Tour de France clean.