Chest Infection Shatters Hopes

Bradley Wiggins- the British track and road racing professional cyclist also well-known by the name of Wiggo among his fans became a legend with his fabulous victories in Olympics and Tour de France last year. This year Wiggins had planned and trained himself tremendously for Giro d’Italia. He was determined to win Giro d’Italia for his cycling Team- Team Sky. But it seems luck is not on his side this year. He is suffering from ill health and is really trying hard to put up a great fight against his rivals in Giro d’Italia which started on 4th May 2013.

Giro d’Italia has 21 stages and Wiggins has been able to push through the 11 stages of this annual cycling championship. After finishing the 11th stage of Giro d’Italia, Wiggins confirmed that he was not doing well and has had a very rough twenty-four hours. In spite of his ill health Wiggins was able to hold on to his fourth position in the overall standing at the end of the eleventh stage at Vajont. Wiggins has a cold and chest infection which is going to be an obstacle in the following stages of the Giro d’Italia. Many of the team members have been sick but the cold seems to last for about only two to three days. Thus Wiggins is hopeful that he will get better in a few days.

One of his team mate Dario Cataldo was also facing the same trouble with his health when the cycling championship started in Naples on 4th May. But his solid performance on the 14th of May in stage 10 proved that he has regained his strength. The Italian cyclist Vincenzo Niabli is first in the overall standing followed by Cadel Evans, Rigoberto Uran and then Wiggins. It seems like Wiggins is going to have a tough time if his health does not improve in a few days.