Cycling greats asks helmets to be made compulsory

Sir Bradley Wiggins, the Olympic Champion from Britain asked the cycling event organizers to make the wearing of helmets during race compulsory for players. Another Olympian and fellow sportswoman voiced her support and urged to make cycling safer.  While talking to Newsround Wiggins pressed the point further by asking the authorities to ban iPod during the course of riding and make it illegal. The British government is planning to make 10% of rides to be carried out by bikes by the year 2025 but according to Get Britain Cycling people are not comfortable with bike journeys and feel unsafe riding them on roads.

Olympian Laura Trott said to Newsround that cycling should be made a curriculum nationwide and taught in the school at least once in a week to educate the children. This will be greatly helpful to the younger kids since they will learn all about safe riding. The government is also planning to pump a whopping £94 million for the cause and an announcement pertaining to it was made last month to make it easy for people to ride cycles in England. The funds would be used in improving the older cycling paths and constructing new ones. Prime Minister David Cameron aptly echoed the move with his intention of starting a cycling revolution in the country.

As expected there were opposition already raised against the move and several people voiced their concern by quoting that helmets can make the riders over confident and force them to take higher risks. There were also voices that drivers would resort to treating the helmeted cyclists differently resulting into accidents. Some argued that enforcing the helmet could make people detest driving their bicycles and so the controversy goes on. But one thing is for sure that the helmet would make the life of a cyclist a much safe one on the road.