Frank Schleck Finds Support In His Brother Andy

Andy Schleck is all ready to support Frank Schleck and Haimar at the Tour de France.  Andy is unable to play and in 2010 won in 2010 but proved positive for a test so he has taken up a supporting role.

The tour will be advantageous for climbers. For the stage five Fabian Cancellara has been rooted as the top player. Frank is coming in the tour with experience along with Haimar. If Frank is in good shape he will perform well in the tour. Frank is coming in with ten finish of top level in Luxembourg’s tour.  Andy can be the support rider for Haimar and his brother Frank. The tour is competitive so naturally it is going to be tough for Frank. But with his brother supporting him his confidence might be boosted.

Guercilena has his hopes pinned on Frank and also Fabian but in this tour they have to be on their toes each day and not only during a few stages. It is however not de-motivating for Andy to be not among the riders in the Tour. Being there for his brother is a big thing and Frank should be proud of Andy. Frank has the zeal and the experience to win it with perseverance and his tactics. Although if Andy was in firm form he would have also taken part.

Other players are also showing positive signs of winning the Tour. So far Frank has enjoyed a racing of steady formats which he is believed to continue in the Tour of France. Frank has been entrusted by his team and has also showed what he is capable of.  Frank is considered to be one of the mountain goats. He is also in good form to win the tournament.