Alberto Contador beat Chris Froome to win the 20th stage of Vuelta a Espana

Cycling has been a game of surprises always and the Vuelta a Espana has been the most surprising of it. Chris Froome in the current event was leading the race pretty up followed closely by Alberto Contador. The race got intense in the 20th stage of the race when Contador managed to come pretty close to the leader and in the final climb of the stage saw the leader lose his position to Contador. The rider was successful in cycling hard and always managed to be just behind Froome. His spirit of fighting was what led him to a chance with which he could easily go onto win the race.

Contador after taking the lead started his sprint on the track. He made sure that he took a big lead which will be enough for him to win the stage. The rider 500meters away from the finish line had a 37 seconds leaded on Froome. The race now moves next stage and it will be a great demand for him to overcome in the next stage.

Miracles do happen in the place where the race is headed to and it will be a stage to watch out for in the future. For winning this race Froome should think of nothing less than Contador getting into a crash that would throw him out of the race. Froome though will be able to defend the runners up trophy as he is well placed in the second position. currently Froome is placed at 2nd position with a lead of 58 seconds. This is a lead that the rider will be able to defend quite easily in the 9.7 km flat run of the final stage. Surely as expected Contador will be finishing 1st while Froome will have to manage with the runners up position.