Bradley Wiggins out of the World Cup of London

For England Sir Bradley Wiggins won silver for the pursuit of the team in Glasgow for the Commonwealth games. The Track World Cup is going to take place in London and five champions of Olympic are going to participate in it. Wiggins is all set to target the pursuit of the team which is going to take place in 2016 at Rio. He won the Tour de France in 2012 of the time trial gold. Silver of the Commonwealth Games was won by him and then he also won the Time trial of road.

The London cup is going to take place from December 5-7. Before 2015 he will not be seen competing at the international level. Selection of Laura Trott, Steve Burke, Jason Kenny and Joanna Roswell has been made. Triumph of Olympic occurred in 2012. The squad of endurance for men is huge and it is going to be a reserve which is no traveling. Competition is going to be fierce with illness and injury striking ahead with equal vociferousness. The event will be a fun filled event but at the same time tough for the riders.

Public is going to support all the teams who will be in Rio for a ride across the terrain and it is going to be a joy ride combined with equal relevance. Being omitted by England Olympic is a tough choice for him but it is bound to occur without any hindrance. There are going to be many riders who will try to fight it over for a top spot. It is not something decided by the teams and the riders but involves skill and talent. Equal participation is hailed by all but it is not possible to have deep neck strength in the ride.