Bradley Planning Women’s Wiggins Team

The newly crowned Rio Olympic team pursuit champion Bradley Wiggins is now starting to think beyond racing and what he will do after his racing career.

He is looking at coming out with a women’s Wiggins team to play alongside the popular Wiggins men’s team. Just after he won the team pursuit gold at the recently concluded 2016 Rio Olympics, Wiggins said that he wants to bring out an under-23 women’s pursuit team under the name Wiggins by 2018.

Bradley is seeing himself as a team owner and wants his women’s Wiggins team to be the best under-23 team in the world. He is looking beyond that and wants the team to be the best feeder team and also to get the maximum pro ranks. Wiggins was instrumental in setting up a team that as his name at the start of the 2015 cycling season. He started this to bring out new talent and to improve the skills of the riders on the road. He also wanted all the other participants run along with him to be in sync and to make sincere efforts to pursue gold medals at Rio. It looks like his efforts have paid off.
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