Wiggins Talks About UKAD Investigation Briefly

The popular British rider Bradley Wiggins was tight lipped about the UKAD investigation all this while.

But, he opened his mouth for some time to discuss the investigation and said that a lot of people will be shocked to listen to what he had to say about the doping violation.

Bradley Wiggins, the British cycling, and Team Sky are at present in a tangle on the doping violation that happened at the 2011 Criterium du Dauphine. There was a medical package sent to the race from the British cycling headquarters in Manchester and it was administered to Wiggins. So far, none of the team doctors and Wiggins has been able to give a satisfactory answer as to what was in that medical package. The UKAD believes that it contained corticosteroid Triamcinolone. Continue reading “Wiggins Talks About UKAD Investigation Briefly”