All Goals set for Bradley Wiggins

After a dismal performance at Oman, the British cycling star Bradley Wiggins has said that his main focus this year will be bagging a debut win at the Tour of Italy and not defending his Tour de France title.

He is looking forward to the Italy tour as a fresh source of challenges and motivation. Wiggins has been lacking motivation for long after his Olympic win and he knows that the future of his career is totally dependent on how he performs in the next few races.

Bradley Wiggins will enter the Tour de France only to support his teammate Chris Froome. He talked about how the world considered spending money on their team ‘Team Sky’ was a waste until he became the 1st British winner of Tour de France, 2012 followed by winning the 4th Gold Medal at Olympic and then being knighted and then named as this year’s BBC Sports Personality.

Wiggins says that wining the Giro race is important for him, for this race was a significant part of his childhood and thus gives him a lot of hope and positivity.

The Giro is scheduled to begin on the 4th of May from Naples. He has added few new races this year which he didn’t participate in last year; he is seeing them as another set of fresh challenges.

Wiggins has made it very clear that his desire to win the Giro doesn’t imply that he is afraid of failing the Tour de France.

He has become a major celebrity after his phenomenal wins last year, he talked about how people show up while he is training demanding for a photograph or autographs all the time, thus interrupting his training periods. The next race for Wiggin’s will be Tour of Catalunya which starts from 18th of the next month.