Cyclists tell shopkeepers removal of parking for cycle-path won’t affect spending

Around 20 cyclists in Enfield Borough spent hundreds of pounds to quash rumours that shops will face problems if parking sports outside their stores were replaced with cycle-friendly paths. Under a  £100 million initiative –Mini Holland– taken by the Mayor of

London, Council of Enfield Borough had successfully bid to build biking paths for £30 million in order to encourage more and more people to resort to biking in the city. The authority, as part of the bidding, had proposed to make the process of cycling much safer and more attractive for people by making cycling paths along the Hertford Road and Green Lanes. The council had also proposed to change traffic routing at Enfield Town for creating a hub for cycling.

However, traders in that area raised issues saying they mainly relied on people coming by car and the scheme would give that space to cyclists. On Sunday, riders in the area formed a cash mob by expending money in stores in the area to give an assurance to shopkeepers that instead of the cycle-friendly path, their trade would continue to do well. Adrian Lauchlan, a member of the Southgate Cycling Club member and who organized the cash mob, said people had panicked when they came to know the authority could remove parking spaces.

However, he said the mob wanted to show people were there to spend money and buy things.

He said cyclists would not just go out just for a ride but would actually come to the stores and shop if the plan with building the space goes ahead. A discussion on ways to improve biking in the area would be launched in the next season. Till then, the cyclists were keen on highlighting the positive aspects of the benefits of cycling to everybody in the area.