Wiggins Is Now On Form

Bradley Wiggins who has been out of the race for some time due to knee injury has now returned and is on form like never before. The popular cyclist indicated his determination to return to the game and scoop more trophies during his trial at the popular Poland Tour. He managed to win the last stage of the tournament.

The player is making a serious come back following a prolonged absence due to knee injury. He also missed the last France Tour due to the injury. Wiggins has been cycling as a domestic for Sergio Henao- his teammate at Sky in the latest race that took one week.

His latest victory is a clear indication that Wiggins is prepared to give his competitors a hard time at the upcoming world’s championship next month. He also admitted that he had a tough time winning the 22 mile race in Poland. Wiggins managed to complete the week-long race in 56 seconds from Fabian Cancellara, triggering some large betting wins (view the full three strikes bet terms and conditions here).

The Sky’s director Mr. Dan Hunt acknowledged Wiggins performance saying that it was really great to see the player coming back with such fervor and determination to win races. He also noted that the victory was a good lesson to other cyclers on how to time trials.

Wiggins was also praised by his colleagues who admired his performance. Making such a fantastic comeback was a clear indication that the rider had taken enough time to reorganize his performance during his break. His team’s director also noted that his last performance was a true manifestation of his present shape in his professional format. He really gave his opponents a hard time during the last Poland Tour. The rider managed to blow his opponents away by more than 37 kilometers. This win was a major support to his self-confidence since he is preparing for the upcoming world championship.