Wiggins – Tour win still Feels Surreal

British cyclist Bradley Wiggins has admitted that the feeling of winning the Tour de France is yet to sink in, and it still feels a surreal experience. The 32 year old Englishman because a household name throughout Great Britain when he became the first man from the Kingdom to win the most prestigious Grand Tour title, before securing his legacy by winning the Gold medal in the time trail at the Olympic Games 2012 in London.

And speaking to the media before he took to the streets for the World Road Race Championship, the 32 year old admitted that he doesn’t know what to do with the Tour, commenting that he is yet to come to terms with what happened at the Tour – it almost feels as though he has won a big money poker game out of nowhere?! Bradley Wiggins thinks that it mainly has to do with him having to shift his focus to the Olympic Games straightaway after the event.

Wiggins stated that he has to remind himself that it happened because at that time, there was absolutely no scope to reflect upon his glory. Everyone came straight to the Olympic Games and even after the Games, it was still about the Olympics. He went on to add that with so much happening in the Olympic Games, the Tour was a bit overshadowed. One will not remember the Tour de France in a positive way, and added that to him, it was still a surreal experience.

His win at the Grand Tour was followed by his fourth Gold medal in the Olympic Games just 9 days later and these two things changed the life of Bradley Wiggins completely. And the Briton has admitted that he is yet to come to terms with his new found fame and sometimes, it feels like he is not in reality and that everything is happening in a dream.

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